Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome to the family Grady Patrick!

Saying goodbye to Moira before leaving for the hospital.

Last pregnancy pic

In the pre-op room.

Heeeeeeere's Grady!
Dad holding Grady, Mom looking on from the operating table.

Getting cleaned up
In the recovery room
Moira meeting Grady

The family

Checking out baby brother


We are now a family of four. Our family is complete (officially). I agree that, as I had heard, having 2 kids is not twice as hard, it's 10x as hard. We are all in love with Grady though, and it is worth all the extra work a million times over!

I am not sure where to begin... Of course so many things have happened over the last few weeks.

I had a scheduled c-section on Feb. 12th. We left for the hospital about 8:30 and I said goodbye to Moira and was very sad to leave her for 3 days at least, even though I knew she would be in good hands. We arrived at the hospital at 9 am and everything was on schedule. We spent a boring 1.5 hours hooked up to all the monitors and then the last 1/2 hour, they actually started prepping me for surgery. All I could think about was getting something to eat and drink b/c 18 hours w/o food is a long time for someone who is very pregnant! I really wasn't nervous until about 5 minutes before they put the spinal in me. For some reason, I was worried about moving too much and getting paralyzed ??? The actual c-section was more uncomfortable than the last time for some reason. Something new they put in the spinal causes nausea, and I was vomiting through the whole procedure. Really, dry heaving, b/c all I had to throw up was the antacid they gave me right beforehand. Also, I was lightheaded, they said probably b/c of the baby pushing on me since I had to lay flat down. It took a little longer, which is common with the second. After what felt like forever, Grady Patrick Hogan arrived at 11:35 am! All the Dr.'s and nurses kept saying how long he was. He did a big cry and that was a relief b/c I know they always want to hear that. Chris watched them clean him up as I got stitched up and he brought him over to me to see, tears ensued of course. Then I went to the recovery room. They let me carry him in there and I was so afraid that I would drop him. I tried to feed him but he was too sleepy. After a few hours we made it to my recovery room. Grady went under the warmer and they weighed and measured him. He was 8 lbs 15 oz and 21" (exactly like Moira). The first day was a blur. Grady wasn't overly interested in eating but gave it a good try. The second day he finally woke up and was a pretty good eater and never really got fussy the whole time he was in the hospital. I felt really good the second day. I didn't know they had put something in my spinal that lasted 24-36 hours. When it wore off it was pretty rough. I don't think the second c-section was any easier than the first one, but I guess I started feeling better after a week and 1/2, not 2 weeks like last time, so maybe it was a little easier. The breastfeeding was actually harder this time. The first time with Moira, it was hard in the hospital for the first 4 days getting Moi to latch well, but then after we got home, we were fine. This time, I got very engorged and was in quite a bit of pain for the first week and 1/2. Grady is a really good eater, they all said I was lucky to have him. I just had too much milk. But, I think it's under control now finally.

Moira has been really great with Grady! She keeps saying how much she loves him and how cute he is. She had one moment of "I want you to go away now Baby Grady" but then said later that she didn't mean it and she wants him to stay. She's been showered with attention for the last few weeks with Chris being home and the Grandma's helping, so I'm sure it will be rough next week. However I am trying to remind myself that things just aren't going to be perfect and that's okay.

Grady seems to eat every 3-4 hours, sometimes closer together than that during the day. He is so far pretty content, although he is having some gas issues. As soon as he "works it out" however, he is back to being chill. He is still sleeping most of the time, so it's hard to tell what his personality is like exactly. I think he's a keeper ;)
I think I'll stop here... Just wanted to get a post on board to catch everyone up and now I can post little things as I think of them and not be so overwhelmed with one big one.
Enjoy the new blog for our family of four.
P.S. Special thanks to all the family and friends who have helped with Moira, Grady, bringing meals, gifts, etc. We couldn't have made it without you!