Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally getting outside!

St. Patty's day green

We are finally getting outside! Although today snow, so weird!

Moira is really getting into Grady lately. They play pretend, although he doesn't know it... She said the other day "Mommy, I really love him, can we keep him?" She also said she wants to marry him so they'll never be apart! I told her so sweet but she can't marry her brother. She said "how about I marry you and we go to the shopping mall all day and Grady marries daddy and they sit at home and watch NASCAR?" Not a bad plan! She also said funny the other day "It's easy to tell that I am a girl b/c I have long hair, but it's more tricky to tell if I have a penis or not". True... very true....

Grady is talking a lot. New words are popsicles, duck, juice, chair, ow, some others, I forget. He said his first sentence- "there's a kitty!" He walks around going "tickle tickle tickle" and loves tickles and hugs. He is switched from formula to milk but he won't take it out of a sippy. I've tried them all. Shrug.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Newborn Photo Shoot

I asked my friend how many pics she might like of her newborn baby. She said just one for a frame. I took 385.... I think I might have a problem.... I got 78 pretty good ones. Here are a few.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So we've been outside some this week! Grady loves it, cries to go outside, cries when we have to go in. I need to think of ways to be outside more. I feel like Moira tried to make up for the outside time by doing double duty trashing the house when we were inside. It was actually impressive how messy she made her room in like 5 minutes. Although in her defense, she claimed a monster came in and did it while we were outside. Grady likes the trampoline and is trying to jump. It's funny. He also likes trying to eat very rotten apples. He also likes trying to run into Moi while she is swinging... Oh busy summer!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making Art & sickness

So we had kind of a rough weekend. Started really on Friday. I left early to pick Moi up from school (thankfully) b/c I wanted to walk Grady in a stroller around the neighborhood. I came down on my ankle wrong crossing the street and sprained my ankle. It was really bad. I had to find a guy to help me to Moira's school limping all the way. I went to urgent care saturday morning, it's just a sprain, but I've been moving pretty slow. Moira developed some horrible cough. She actually threw up saturday morning she was coughign so hard. Grady has a cold. I guess about a week is as long as we can go w/o illness here. Chris had a migraine sunday morning. Good times! Saturday Grady and I napped, Chris was working on the computer and Moira decided to "make art" on herself. See above. What is most impressive is that she wrote "art" on her leg. Chris said he didn't tell her how to write it. She said she just "knew herself". She had to miss school yesterday b/c of the cough. I have a cold now, gonna be a long week!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I realized something yesterday that is very obvious. Moira takes after me in the giving department. I think most of you who know me know how much I love to give presents. My whole life, I have been giving and making. I think that's why I love photography so much, especially kid photography, it's like giving a gift to the kid and to the parent (and hey, doens't even cost anything). Well, Moira is just like that, I am calling it now. On the way to school, she picks up acorns or leaves to give to the teachers. She was too shy until the last few weeks to give it to them herself, she has asked me to do it. But lately she just goes "here you go! I got you an acorn!" Her teacher was proud of her b/c she asked if she knew what it would turn into if she planted it and Moira said "An Oak Tree!" Speaking of exclamation marks, Moi has been super into them when I read her books. She knows they mean excitedly and has been adding them in when she writes her made up words. But back to the presents, yesterday we were going to visit Allie and Abby and she wanted to make them cards. Then she thought that wasn't good enough and went looking around the house of things of her own to give them. She took a plastic cylindrical holder and put some of her little animals in it to give to Abby and gave Allie a plastic princess kaleidoscope, taped it to the cards she made and was just soooooo excited to give it to them. She is cute. Then before bed, she wanted to take things out of the shoebox that she sleeps with (with all her little stocking stuffers in it that Grady can't get to) and give it to Chris and I. She gave me a box of hair bows and Chris some letter M post it notes. She was going on and on about what we could do with them "You can put them in your hair anytime you want!" and "You can turn them upside down into a W if you want". Very sweet.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010