Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making Art & sickness

So we had kind of a rough weekend. Started really on Friday. I left early to pick Moi up from school (thankfully) b/c I wanted to walk Grady in a stroller around the neighborhood. I came down on my ankle wrong crossing the street and sprained my ankle. It was really bad. I had to find a guy to help me to Moira's school limping all the way. I went to urgent care saturday morning, it's just a sprain, but I've been moving pretty slow. Moira developed some horrible cough. She actually threw up saturday morning she was coughign so hard. Grady has a cold. I guess about a week is as long as we can go w/o illness here. Chris had a migraine sunday morning. Good times! Saturday Grady and I napped, Chris was working on the computer and Moira decided to "make art" on herself. See above. What is most impressive is that she wrote "art" on her leg. Chris said he didn't tell her how to write it. She said she just "knew herself". She had to miss school yesterday b/c of the cough. I have a cold now, gonna be a long week!

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