Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haloween Preview

I talked Moi into getting in her cowgirl costume so she and Grady could be matching for some pics. If she doesn't want to wear something, it is very hard to get her to do so.

Grady is full on army crawling. It's funny. I wonder if he will ever "real" crawl with his belly off the ground.

We got Moira's glasses adjusted Friday, they are fitting much better.

That's all I got!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall fun

We've been enjoying a lot of fall activities with this nice weather (in the 70's) the last few days! We went to a pumpkin patch with Moi's school Wednesday and then went to Pigeon Roost Thursday morning. We just love all the pretty fall colors.

Moira is taking to her glasses VERY well. Dare I say surprizingly well. She will ask for them. She says they make everything bigger. I don't really think they are helping the eye turn though. The Dr. said if it was going to help, it would only take a few days, but I can tell it isn't bigger. I have talked to a few people about the surgery and they said it's not a big deal, so we'll see.

Moira loves her new room! Our house might be on the small side but I am pretty sure MOira is one of the few 4 years olds with her own walk in play room, bathroom and flat screen tv! She hasn't asked to watch the tv even once! Although I thought we would leave it there for her to have some afternoon quiet time, but no quiet time for us....

Grady made the transition to his room just fine. He's been sleeping from 7pm(ish)-6 am(ish). He takes 2 1.5 hour naps, one in the morning around 8:30-10 and one from around 2-3:30, give or take. Finally a routine! He is sooooo close to crawling. He is army crawling now. He started waving this week. So cute! He waves at everything, including pictures on the wall. He seems to be a pretty verbal kid so far, making lots of consanant and vowel sounds. He is eating maybe 70% small pieces of regular food. I need to really push the baby food in the near future as we have quite a stock and I am afraid he is going to be "over it" soon. I realized yesterday when I was packing a lunch for the kids to eat at the pumpkin farm that most of the stuff Moira eats, Grady could eat too. Small pieces of cheese, mandarin oranges, cereal bar. He is still a very friendly happy baby!

Moira always has a hard time adjusting to the clothes of a new season but she is finally wearing long sleeves (pushed up) and long pants (with mild bribing). Only a matter of time before we are into fall wardrobe! This is a big deal for mommy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Moira is 4! Grady is 8 months!

Blowing out the candles.

New Glasses

So Moira turned 4 this past week! She had a big party with ALL 15 of her closest friends at the Worthington Community Center "Fish Bowl" room and pool. It went so well! I was hoping to have it at a location other than our house to avoid having to do a lot of work, but that didn't quite happen... But I kept telling myself that birthdays are so special and this is probably the first one she will really remember so I wanted to make it good. We went all out with the fish theme. Thanks so much to Missy for making a spectacular cake as usual! The kids played outside at the park for a bit, came in for snacks and crafts and then went swimming!

On her actual b-day, a Wednesday, she had school. I got up early and made her some chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of a cake with 4 candles. She was the "star" at school and we took in trailmix (her favorite) in little birthday bags. Then we went to Once Upon a Child (I wasn't trying to be cheapy, but we needed to get Grady some sleepers) and told her she could get whatever she wanted. She got a "Bella Bella Dancerella" set for $8! This is usually $60. So glad I didn't pay full price, she didn't end up liking it very much. Maybe when she's a little older. Then we picked up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. She's been talking for weeks about how she wanted this. We bake a lot so it was actually more of a special thing for her to go pick her cake than to bake one from scratch. When Chris got home, I made a little treasure hunt for her to get her gifts, which were a big cardboard clubhouse you can decorate, some my little ponies, a few books, and gosh, I don't even remember what else. I remembered today I got her some shirts last month, but they are long sleeve and she is still refusing to wear long sleeves. She had a good day!

Some big news is Moi has gotten glasses. I noticed a few months ago that her left eye kept being in the side of her eye, not the middle. I took her to the kids office of our family eye dr. and they said she did have an eye turn. I told the ped. and he wanted her to get a second opinion from the Opthamology dept. at Children's Hospital. We had that apt on Friday and they agreed that she does have both eyes turning in, the left one does it more. She is medium far sighted, which is actually a bad thing b/c if it was extreme far sightedness, glasses would be an easy fix. We don't know at this poitn if the eye turn is caused by the far sightedness or if there is an underlying muscle issue. She has to wear the glasses for a few months and see if that fixes it and then we will take it from there. She doesn't seen to thrilled with wearing them, but she did keep them mainly on this evening. Hopefully in a short time she will get used to them. The Dr. had me scared that if this doesn't work she will def. need surgery so we have a big incentive to keep them on.
Moira had her 4 year well visit today. She is also sick, as am I. We have a cough and nasal drainage. She coughed for 5 hours last night, it was horrible. He thinks it's just a cough, nothing serious, he gave me another prescription cough medicine script. It seems to have helped for tonight. No coughing so far. The Dr. said kudos to me for noticing the eye issue, as he thinks it's mild and he would NOT have even noticed it. Mommies always know when something isn't right! She is 41" and 36 lbs which puts her in the 80% for height and 55% for weight. He thinks she'll be about 5'-7" tall, which is interesting, I'd never heard a prediction before.

Grady is still my sweet happy guy. Until last night, he had been sleeping through the night great. He might be on the verge of getting whatever Moi and I have. He is 8 months old. He weighed 21 lbs 2 oz at the Dr. today. He is getting ready to crawl and I swear he is saying "Hi". It sounds like "I". He really loves the cat. He makes this squeal happy noise whenever he sees her. I always know when the cat comes in the room b/c of the noise he makes. He made the same noise when he saw Chris this weekend so he must like him too :)

Kodos got sprayed really bad by a skunk. It was horrible! The smell is still lingering. Chris really wanted me to mention this for some reason.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Great hair pic

AT the park!

Moira made this picture of grandma & grandpa. They are holding hands and she drew hearts above their head b/c "that means love". She was so sad when it washed away. She is getting pretty good at drawing people. Almost as good as I can draw...

Grady sleeping. I had to wake him up to go take Moi to school. I hate waking up babies/kids. But he is so good natured, it didn't really phase him much. I thought he looked cute so I took a pic.

I think I am just going to update the blog once a week on sunday or monday. I will make it a priority to do this weekly updating and that way, those (few) of you who look at my blog often, won't need to check everyday to see if there is a post.
Grady is still a little snotty and is getting his 4 top teeth, but has been as easy going as ever! And, big news, finally for the last week and 1/2 he hasn't requested at all a night feeding. Whoo hoo! Time to remodel the house to move Grady upstairs next to Moira and Chris and I down here.
Moira's b-day party was a success. More on that later (I may throw in an extra post about that soon). I asked her what she wanted for her b-day and she said "A copy machine so that I can make more of me".