Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sick. Bleh.

She is not too sick to jump in puddles! We went to the conservatory b/c there aren't many kids there ever, and even if there are, they don't interact too much.

Moira got sick sunday night coming back from Cedar Point. Just a cold consisting of a low grade fever, runny nose and cough. Not toooooo bad, hasn't really slowed her down so much but she had missed school all week. I am pretty sure this hurts me more than it hurts her. Hopefully she'll be able to go to her friday storytime class. Chris, Grady and I are now getting it. Hopefully the baby won't get it so bad. Nothing worse than a sick baby. The babies don't know how to blow their noses.

Blogger has been so slow with uploading pictures lately. It is very frustrating! I can put them on facebook much faster. So if you would like more frequent pictures, sign up for facebook and friend me. Come on, everybody's doing it :) Like now, I've been waiting 5 minutes for 5 pictures to upload, and I uploaded like 15 on facebook in about 30 seconds. I don't have time for this!
Here is a cute story while I am waiting. Today Moira said "I think I'll go up to my room, put on a princess dress and wait for a handsome prince to drive to our house in his car and honk for me".

Grady has been sleeping pretty well. I realized that if I feed him when he gets up sometime between 4:30am and 6 am he'll go back down for a couple of hours, so that is good. He's been sleeping solid from 7:30ish until then every night for the most part since we let him cry it out. He still fights me a bit sometimes when I put him down, but usually he's right out! He is a rolling machine. Chris thinks he is close to crawling but I am not so sure. He can get whereever he wants by rolling. I still think it will be another month or so. He is such a good happy happy guy. He is eating a lot of finger foods. He pretty much loves any food you give him. He has 2 top teeth through on his left side and is working on the two on the right.

Moira is still being increadibly picky about her clothes. She will only wear dresses with shirts underneath them. Short sleve shirts. No pants. But, this changes from week to week. Hopefully she'll get some use out of her 4 billion long sleeve shirts and 60 pairs of pants.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun at the Library

Grady is a great puppet show audience
Reading books

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School!

First school lunch! She helped me pack it and said all the kids will think she is "extra healthy".
During the open house, playing playdoh.

She wanted me to take a pic with her and Grady and kissed his head and said "I will miss him". Sweet- esp. since she doesn't pay him much attention.
Love this picture of Grady and my Grandpa Russell!

Moira started pre-school today! She is going 4 hours and takes her lunch. For some reason, the packing lunch thing has made me emotional. She's done some kind of preschool for 2 years now, but the lunch thing seems so grown up! She seemed okay with going, even excited yesterday. A bit hesitant today, but mainly just nervous. She is there now! Hopefully it goes well.

Grady is 7 months now. We let him "cry it out" and it's worked pretty well. Although, don't tell, but I give in every now and then. He was up at 5 am today. Ugh. Maybe b/c he's getting his 4 top teeth! He's starting to get up on hands and knees, but I still think crawling is aobut a month a way.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look who is so big!

Here is Moira checking out her new big girl car seat. It is still a car seat and it can turn into a booster later. My friend Cheryl knows everything about car seats and car seat safety so I let her do all the research about what I should do now that Grady is getting ready to grow out of his infant seat and into a big kid one, and then I just coppied her. This is a Graco Nautilaus for anyone who wants to know.
I went to Moira's preschool tonight for the parent orientation tonight. Special thanks to Auntie Meredith and Uncle Chris for babysitting. I got to meet Moira's teachers. One of the ladies has been teaching there for I think 23 years and the other one for 19 years, and they have been teaching as a team for 15 years! How crazy is that! They seem very nice but also like they will run a tight ship and keep the kids in line, which I like. I was sad that I didn't recognize any of the other parents in her room, which means she won't know any of the kids in her class. I was hoping between the Tuesday and Friday class that she did last time, she would know somebody. She keeps saying she wants her same teachers and her same friends. Oh well, I know she will make new friends, it just would have been nice. I am expecting a few tears for awhile.
Speaking of tears, Grady is crying. We are on day 7 of cry it out. This is the 3rd night of the 7 he's actually cried. Last night he slept for 12 hours. We've definitely made progress, but still not excellent yet (as is evidenced by the sobs I've heard). But he's never cried for much more than 40 mintues, so we'll see. Wish us luck!

Sometimes when you have a big sister, you are going to wear a pink shirt.

It's inevitable.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We met Cheryl, Daniela and Joseph at the Duck Pond today.

Daniela really likes Grady. Really really likes him. Way more interest than Moira has. She was begging to hold him, whereas I had to bribe Moira with ice cream to get her to hold him for some pictures!
At the fountains after getting ice cream.

Look Ma, two teeth!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can you guess who likes the new baby holding contraption the most?

Funny though, when she was his age, she hated it! It's nice b/c I can put him in it and not have to worry about every little thing on the floor. I doubt he'll be happy in it for more than a few months, but that will buy a little bit of time. I am terrified of when he is crawling and putting everything in his mouth. He is already rolling all over the place and putting stuff in his mouth. It's gonna be a crazy year or so!