Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A clown mad her this balloon dog on a stick. She was terrified of the clown, but thrilled with the balloon.

This is Moi's friend Madison from preschool. We ran into them at 4th Friday.
Here are some pics from the 4th friday celebration in downtown historic Westerville, just blocks from our house.
I have just been too tired to blog lately. Grady has been sleeping poorly. He will do one 8 hour stretch, which is good, but it usually starts around 6 or 6:30 and I don't go to bed until 10ish. I know I should go to bed earlier, but I don't have a minute to myself all day and once Moi is in bed, usually about 8 or 8:30, I just NEED some time to myself. Grady has been getting up around 2 or 3 (usually he fusses at 1 also and I need to get up and put the paci in, but not feed him) and then he fusses on and off after that until about 7 when we get up. I get a little sleep, but it isn't restful for anyone. I have tried putting him in the bed with me, not putting him in the bed, it doesn't matter. Nothing is better or worse. Moi was like this too, so I know it will get better eventually. I'm not stressed about it like I was with her. Just tired!

But enough complaining....
Grady is hard core into solid foods. He's tried pretty much everything in the "first foods" category of babyfoods that Gerber makes. He's been eating almost 2 jars per meal, 3 meals a day! Breakfast is usually fruit and oatmeal, lunch is a veggie and rice and fruit, and dinner is veggie and fruit. We even tried chicken a few days ago. He didn't seem to like that very much. The first thing he didn't like. I mixed it with peas the next day and he ate it. I read somewhere that babies get sweet tastes first. Savory comes later, so maybe that is why. He is still a very happy baby when he is awake. The interesting thing is he is starting to know who is who and when we are in a new place, he gets scared if someone he doesn't know is holding him. He was also scared when a little boy from playgroup was close to him and I wasn't in eye sight, he screamed like somebody hurt him! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have thought he was hurt. But he did it again later. He is a very chill guy but when he gets flustered or scared, watch out! Sometimes Moira is really wild or in his face screamy (just playing around) but he flipps out! The good thing is, I can usually calm him by rocking him close to me and whispering in his ear. He is still rolling from belly to back but has no desire to roll the other way.

Moira did so great at her last creative movement class today. The parents got to watch. It was so adorable. I took like 10 videos. Blogger won't let me upload them anymore. I will try to put them on youtube. Soooo cute! We are def. signing her up again in the fall. She just loved it and learned so much.
Today Moira said "Mommy, I don't like boys. They lie and are stinky. I like only girls, and daddy, and Grady, and cheese!" I thought that was random, and funny. We've been talking a lot about lying lately, but I don't have the energy to get into that right now. Susan, if you are reading this, you need to e-mail me if you every reigned in Sammi's fibbing or have any tips. We are at that stage right now! Pretend world vs. lying is a very fine line and Moira seems to be crossing it a lot.

Moira says so many things that are hilarious but I can't think of them right now. I need to start righting them down.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Um, yeah, one of those days...

Why yes, that is poop coming out of my butt and all over the exercaucer.

In case you missed it....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Pictures

Moi at Daniela's b-day today

waiting for ballet


2 for breakfast please!

Before Daniela's b-day party


At the Cosi "Big Machines" exhibit.

smilin in the backyard

Grady and Missy

How am I ever going to be able to say no to this face?

Everytime I go to blog these days I feel so behind! I never know where to start and always forget things I wanted to say.
We went to drain out Moi's baby pool which had been up for about a week and we noticed some little "fish" swimming in it. Moira said maybe they are tadpoles and we should save them. I had no idea so we "rescued" them and put them in her little aquarium that we weren't using. Chris googled it later and discoved that they were mosquito larva we had harvested. Whoops!

Thursday's ballet class was great! Moi went in no problem and did so awesome! She said afterward how she had "the most fun ever". Grandma and Grandpa Russell came to visit Thursday and Friday and that was nice. We had a good visit and I got to spend 4 hours shopping all by myself on Friday! Grady is eating solids hard core now. He's had 3 meals a day for the last 3 days. Oh my, the boy loves to eat. Surprise Surprise!

I'm sure I have other cute stories, etc., but I can't remember and I am tired so just enjoy some pictures!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Proud!

My new favorite Moi pic.

I think this is cute- Grady chillaxin and Moira in the background.

Pretzel break. She kept saying "this is a very healthy snack for me to have". It's white flour fried and dipped in Cinnamon and sugar.

So we all remember the ballet saga from last week. We worked since last Thursday on talking about the class, how it would be fun, mom would be right outside, etc. She kept saying she "didn't' want to do it, only watch". I told her I wouldn't make her do it, but we would have to ask them if they would let us keep watching in the corner! I really didn't expect her to do it b/c she has been relentless that she would not participate. We got to class and I told the teacher I think it freaked her out that I couldn't go in the room at all, and asked if I could walk in with her. She agreed, although didn't seem super excited about the idea. We walked in and all stood in the corner (there are only 3 other girls in the class and one of them wasn't there). They asked her if she wanted to go stand in line with the other girls and she just hid behind me. They said what if mommy does it? So I went and stood in line with the other 2 girls and Moi did too. I felt pretty silly, and poor Grady was just rockin in his car seat over in the corner probably wondering what the heck is going on... After only 2 or 3 minutes I whispered to her that I had to go check Grady. I assumed she'd come follow me but she didn't, she stayed in line doing the dances with the class VERY SHEEPISHLY. Oh, my heart melted, it was so cute. I wish I had a video camera to show how she was doing it, but it was definitely one of those moments that will forever be etched in my heart. I had to fight back the tears- just seeing her in that line in front of the teachers is a huge step for her, I can't even explain! So Grady and I sat in the corner for a few more minutes. He needed to eat and I knew he would start screaming soon. There is a door to another classroom right there so I opened it and sat in the doorway breastfeeding Grady (fun fun!) and then moved back into the waiting room with the other moms. They all cheered for us b/c they knew how horrible the week before was (since we had to leave with her in hysterics). I was so nervous those last 15 minutes that she would realize I wasn't sitting by the door anymore and freak out but of course, she was fine. When the classroom door opened the teachers came out but no kids. I was like, where did they go? Well, they all got to pick out a piece of candy from a big candy vat! Moira came running out with the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen. She was so proud of herself for doing it. Of course, I gave her the biggest hug ever. She immediately started telling me how much fun she had and asked if I was proud of her for doing it all by herself. She said "We even did ring around the rosie, my favorite thing!" She said the teachers asked her what her favorite thing about summer was and she said "going to yard sales". She's never been to a yard sale, I think she was referring to the stuff I brought her from the baby bargains sale. Anyway, it was just a great experience.

This afternoon, we went to the Easton Fountains. She had so much fun. We went inside to get some Auntie Anne's pretzels and came back out and played some more. At the end though, some 6 or 7 year old boy came running full on into her and knocked her legs out from under her and the were up in the air sideways I swear like 3' tall and fell onto the side of her face/head. Oh, it was horrible! I think it must have looked worse than it was though b/c she recovered faster than I would have expected. Grady was laughing so hard at the fountains, it was really cute.

Moira has been talking to the tv, to her cartoons, saying things like "Pinky dinky do, do you want to come to my house to play? It is really fun, I have a bed and a playroom!" It's kind of funny that not only does she think that they are real, but they are actually right there in front of her.

Today Moi was on the computer and I asked her something and she said "Don't bother me mommy, I'm concentrating. Do you know what that means?" Speaking of the computer. I taught her how to double click the Internet icon, go to favorites, and pull down Noggin, Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr., and Sesame Street! She can then play all the games she wants! There is a little icon next to each website with a mouse for Noggin, etc. It's very handy. Especially for the times when I am putting Grady down for a nap, I need something quiet for her to do. But you know it's getting a little crazy when the other day she said "Mommy, how do you spell dotcom?"

Monday, June 15, 2009

4 month checkup

This is Moira at Grady's age! She was 16 lbs and 26", which is the 100% for girls.

Applesauce face!

Grady had his 4 month checkup today. We are all still sick so I didn't really know which side of the waiting room to stand on, so we went with the sick (we'll probably end up with a new bug b/c of that). He is 26 1/2" long, 16 lbs 13 oz, and head is 17". He's in the 80% for head and weight and 85% for height. "Good proportions, if you like big" according to the Dr. He gave me the go ahead for solids if I thought he was ready. We had some applesauce for lunch! He loved it. I had to cut him off b/c I didn't want it to be too much of a shock to his little system. He was fussy all evening, probably a combo of shots and that cold we still have. He was up ever few hours last night. Ugh.
We have dance class tomorrow. Moira is insisting she won't go, wish us luck!
Today Grady was in his exercaucer (thanks Cheryl!) and I looked over and Moi had her foot in his face and he was getting ready to suck on her toes. Her dirty, filthy, grubby toes. I was like "nooooo!" and she said "but he likes to eat feet". Yuck!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sicky Sicky Sicky Sick

You can see the big pile of tissues forming before dance, I should have known it was going to be down hill...
Flashing me at dance class

Grady in his Packer's gear from Aunt Jeanne

We love to eat our toes!

Who needs a pacifer when you can eat your feet?

Packers Butt!

Moira in her ballet uniform for the class that never was.
So what's new? Well, we are all sick. Moira started in with the runny nose Wednesday, but by Thursday it was clear it wasn't just a little cold, but a yucky, gnarly, fever included, 2 boxes of tissues a day, crabby mood kind of cold. Friday, Grady and I were snotty and I must say, I understand her crabbiness. I have never felt so bad at night with a cold. I told Chris this is almost as bad as getting through the night after the c-section. In the middle of the night last night I was thinking how glad I was today is Sunday b/c I was really hurting and definitely needed some reinforcements. I gave Moi some of her prescription cough medicine last night and that got her through the night okay (she was up at 4 am on Friday, poor Chris had to deal with her and then go to work). I wasn't sure what I could take with breastfeeding and I didn't want to make myself too tired last night b/c I figured Grady would be up a lot, which he was (every 2 hours). I finally took 3 Advil's around 3 and that really helped, wish I would have done that sooner. Chris has a sore throat and is now snotty. So nobody is missing this one! Moira seemed better today so hopefully in a day or two the rest of us will as well, since she was the first one to get it.
I signed Moi up for 6 sessions of a "Creative Movement" class at the little dance studio down the street from us. They are supposed to learn the beginning of ballet, tap, jazz and do some tumbling. She always watches the performances of this studio on the 4th Fridays and just loves it. We sometimes bop into the studio and just watch the practices when we are on walks. I wanted to get her in a class or two this summer where she would be away from me so next school year, it wouldn't be so hard on her to be away from me. She was very excited about her class, we picked out new ballet shoes and a ballet outfit, I paid my money for the class. We talked about how I wouldn't be in the class but I would watch her doing it. Well, when we got there, the class wasn't in the room I thought, it was in a closed door room and the teacher didn't even want me walking her in there. She freaked out. Major freak out. (this was also on the first day she was sick and I didn't realize it so that might have been part of the problem). Kept screaming she wanted to go home. The lady who just took our $52 check must have felt bad and told us there was an alternate door where we could watch the class if we were really quiet. We did that. Moi talked about how she might want to go do the things the other girls were doing but when I told the teacher that and the teacher came over she did the "ugh-ugh" and hid behind me. We finally left. I am just not sure what I should do in those situations. One of the other mom's said her little girl did the same thing the first class (all the other little girls had classes before) and she just left her in there screaming until she got over that. I mean, that's what we did at school- but school is 3 hours long. This class is only a 1/2 an hour and 1. I didn't want to ruin it for the other girls and 2. I didn't really trust that this college age girl could handle it. And how is she supposed to teach a class and deal with a hysterical Moira? Plus, Moira WILL hurt herself when she gets hysterical. So I came home and called the parenting help line at the Elizabeth Blackwell Center (the women's center in town) b/c I needed an expert opinion since this is something that is an ongoing issue for us. I told her how Moi really has severe adult/stranger anxiety and I just don't know what I am supposed to do. The lady, who was the facilitator at the new mom's group that I used to go to, was very helpful. Basically it all boils down to trying to prepare them as best as possible for a new situation when a child is an introvert, like Moira is. It was bad b/c I didn't tell her I wasn't going in with her (I didn't realize that I couldn't). Her brain needed time to process that and it totally freaked her out. She agreed that if you don't trust the teacher to deal with it, you shouldn't "throw them into the fire" b/c that could end up worse in the end. She also said something that made me feel better. She said they have done studies and kids that are introverts have more communication going on between their right brain and their left brain and they are hesitant to new people b/c their brain is busy communicating between sides. She gave me some tools to make it better like going to the library and getting books about characters that have to acclimate to new situations b/c kids this age are incapable of teaching themselves how to deal with things that make them uncomfortable, but they can learn from modeling on stories and characters. She said lots more stuff, but I think those are the highlights. We'll see how it goes this week! She said not to keep trying b/c then she will think that it WAS a scary place and she was right to be afraid.
Grady was sleeping well again until this sickness set in. We had 2 or 3 good nights of 8 hours.
Grady decidee this week that he doesn't like formula. I want him to take formula if offered just b/c I have like zero frozen supply and I don't want to have to stress if I am going to be gone for awhile. He eats very frequently and a lot during the day. Plus, my parents offered to watch him for the entire day so Chris and I can take Moira to Kings Island and there is talk of Chris and I leaving the kids overnight with his parents next month so we can go out for our 10 year anniversary (which we were coincidentally invited to a wedding on that same day). I will do my best to pump and store, but it would be nice not to have exclusive breast milk during those times so I don't have to worry if they run out. Plus, you are supposed to mix milk of some sort with the cereal and that will be starting soon, and I don't want to waste precious breast milk on that. It seems like for the first month or two they only eat very little and spit most of it out. The good news is, I did get him to take a few ounces of Soy formula today. I had a sample can that the formula company sent me. Also, we tried spoon feeding the leftovers with baby applesauce this afternoon. Just a tiny tiny amount. He liked it after he figured out what he was supposed to do with it!

On a good note, Chris was off all weekend for the first time in like 2 months. What a difference two weekend days make compared to one. We can actually get some stuff done AND have some fun! Chris took Moi to ride the rides at the zoo (that darn Jungle Jack's landing with the rides- Moi loves it, we'll probably never see another animal again) and they had a blast. She is finally 40" (which she attibutes to eating lots of carrots) so she can do the "big kid" rides as long as Chris goes with her.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remember When....?

Moira has an amazing memory. All the time she says "Remember when..." then goes into elaborate detail about things that happened sometimes a very long time ago. Like over a year, which I think is a long time for a 3 year old. She was talking about how Missy Judy really liked her Valentines Day candy, and that was the lady who did the in home preschool when Moi was only 2 1/2! Today she was talking about a time when Laura stopped over with her dog and about the dog Rupert and she only saw him for about 30 seconds.

Grady had a horrible night of sleep last night. Up every hour or less. I finally put him in bed with me around 12:30 and he was very gassy, which is weird b/c he hasn't been that way since he was about 8 weeks. ????? He is still super duper happy and easy going during the day. Not sure what is up, but I have learned you just have to roll with it with babies. They are gonna do what they are gonna to do. If he has a really bad night though, I might take him to the Dr. for an ears/nose/throat etc. check.
Moira has her first "Creative Movement" class tomorrow. She has mixed feelings about it. She is excited, yet her stranger/adult anxiety is getting to her too. She said she "isn't going to talk to anybody and if they try to talk to her she will spit in their face". I have told her she most certainly will not spit in anybody's face or she will get her nuk taken away. We'll see, wish us luck! She has a cold. She is very snotty and I could tell she had a fever before bed, so hopefully she'll be well enough to go.
Moira has been talking about weddings and who she is going to marry. She can't decide whether she is going to marry Allie or Davis, but pretty sure she has decided on Davis. We drive by a wedding dress store on Main Street on the way home and she always says "Can I wear a pretty dress like that when I am as big as you?" She said she wanted to marry daddy but I told her he is already married to me. She said "Well, I am going to wedding Davis and next time I see him I am going to tell him that really loudly!"
We got this book for her at the baby bargains sale called "David Gets in Trouble". I figured it would be right up her ally. There is this boy named David and there are pictures of him getting in trouble for all sorts of various things. There is one picture of him in a corner with soap in his mouth for saying a bad word. Chris asked her what saying a bad word meant and she said "tooting in someone's face", then she thougth some more and said "stupid".

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moira is not in the mood to get her picture taken, so we have shots like this alot. Do you see the underwear sticking out of the leotard? I will have to ask some other mom's with girls who have dance if they are supposed to wear underwear with these outfits. I would assume so but it looks pretty unattractive.

Grady in the jumparoo for the first time. He seems to really like it, although his feet barely touch the ground right now.

Grady and Keegan

Mam boys (mam is the brand of pacifier)

Sorry I have been a blogger slacker lately. I am so behind!
Where to start. Well, Grady hasn't been sleeping great lately. Really I guess just the last 3 nights. I thought it was b/c he was off schedule Saturday but he did pretty bad last night also (think up every hourish). Not sure why, but I know Moira went through this at this age EXACTLY too. I kept a daily calender for what she was up to, like I am doing with him as well, and I was complaining a lot about sleep at this age. He does seem to get back to sleep better than she did, but is waking up more frequently. The good thing is, I've been through this before, so I know not to panic, it will get better eventually. I am trying to get him out of the fabulous, yet temporary, Fisher Price cradle rocker that he has been sleeping in. I was hesitant to mess with a good thing, but since he is sleeping poorly, might as well do it now. He is getting big and trying to roll over so we'll give it a whirl. Although if he really fights bed tonight, I might give in and put him back in it. He really faught bed last night though and it didn't help, so we'll see. He's still and exceptionally good happy boy during the day, so I can't complain.
Moira is cracking me up these days. She says really sweet things and really evil things all within the hour. The evil things I will just attribute to her growing vocabulary and grasp of concepts and feelings. I think she is an awesome amazing smart little girl who is just kind of pushing the envelope with some things. Like for example she said to me the other day "Mommy, I don't love you anymore". I said "why?" She said "I just thought it would be funny to watch you cry". I think this stemmed from she said "I don't love you" the day before b/c she was mad and I fake cried and she thought that was hilarious. But she also goes up to me for no reason and says "I love you. Does that make you smile? Let me see you smile." She also was singing a song to Grady the other day that went "Grady's going to die. Grady's going to die. I'm going to kick a ball at his face really hard and he's going to die!" I asked her what she said and she knew that was a bad thing to say. I said "Do you realize that's like the worst possible thing you could say?" and she said "I didn't do anything to him, he's fine. Look at him (touching his head gently) he's fine!" So I just moved him out of the room she was in and figured we'd sort through that later. She learned about dying b/c she ran out into the street the other day b/c I told her to hold my hand- she decided to do the opposite. So we had to have a heavy conversation about dying and death. I think she is trying to process it in her head.
Well, I have more, but the boy is up. He did just nap for about 1/2 an hour w/o the cradle rocker. His new trick is sticking his toes in his mouth. I remember Moira doing that. It is funny. He's also getting into his toys.