Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moira is not in the mood to get her picture taken, so we have shots like this alot. Do you see the underwear sticking out of the leotard? I will have to ask some other mom's with girls who have dance if they are supposed to wear underwear with these outfits. I would assume so but it looks pretty unattractive.

Grady in the jumparoo for the first time. He seems to really like it, although his feet barely touch the ground right now.

Grady and Keegan

Mam boys (mam is the brand of pacifier)

Sorry I have been a blogger slacker lately. I am so behind!
Where to start. Well, Grady hasn't been sleeping great lately. Really I guess just the last 3 nights. I thought it was b/c he was off schedule Saturday but he did pretty bad last night also (think up every hourish). Not sure why, but I know Moira went through this at this age EXACTLY too. I kept a daily calender for what she was up to, like I am doing with him as well, and I was complaining a lot about sleep at this age. He does seem to get back to sleep better than she did, but is waking up more frequently. The good thing is, I've been through this before, so I know not to panic, it will get better eventually. I am trying to get him out of the fabulous, yet temporary, Fisher Price cradle rocker that he has been sleeping in. I was hesitant to mess with a good thing, but since he is sleeping poorly, might as well do it now. He is getting big and trying to roll over so we'll give it a whirl. Although if he really fights bed tonight, I might give in and put him back in it. He really faught bed last night though and it didn't help, so we'll see. He's still and exceptionally good happy boy during the day, so I can't complain.
Moira is cracking me up these days. She says really sweet things and really evil things all within the hour. The evil things I will just attribute to her growing vocabulary and grasp of concepts and feelings. I think she is an awesome amazing smart little girl who is just kind of pushing the envelope with some things. Like for example she said to me the other day "Mommy, I don't love you anymore". I said "why?" She said "I just thought it would be funny to watch you cry". I think this stemmed from she said "I don't love you" the day before b/c she was mad and I fake cried and she thought that was hilarious. But she also goes up to me for no reason and says "I love you. Does that make you smile? Let me see you smile." She also was singing a song to Grady the other day that went "Grady's going to die. Grady's going to die. I'm going to kick a ball at his face really hard and he's going to die!" I asked her what she said and she knew that was a bad thing to say. I said "Do you realize that's like the worst possible thing you could say?" and she said "I didn't do anything to him, he's fine. Look at him (touching his head gently) he's fine!" So I just moved him out of the room she was in and figured we'd sort through that later. She learned about dying b/c she ran out into the street the other day b/c I told her to hold my hand- she decided to do the opposite. So we had to have a heavy conversation about dying and death. I think she is trying to process it in her head.
Well, I have more, but the boy is up. He did just nap for about 1/2 an hour w/o the cradle rocker. His new trick is sticking his toes in his mouth. I remember Moira doing that. It is funny. He's also getting into his toys.

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