Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sicky Sicky Sicky Sick

You can see the big pile of tissues forming before dance, I should have known it was going to be down hill...
Flashing me at dance class

Grady in his Packer's gear from Aunt Jeanne

We love to eat our toes!

Who needs a pacifer when you can eat your feet?

Packers Butt!

Moira in her ballet uniform for the class that never was.
So what's new? Well, we are all sick. Moira started in with the runny nose Wednesday, but by Thursday it was clear it wasn't just a little cold, but a yucky, gnarly, fever included, 2 boxes of tissues a day, crabby mood kind of cold. Friday, Grady and I were snotty and I must say, I understand her crabbiness. I have never felt so bad at night with a cold. I told Chris this is almost as bad as getting through the night after the c-section. In the middle of the night last night I was thinking how glad I was today is Sunday b/c I was really hurting and definitely needed some reinforcements. I gave Moi some of her prescription cough medicine last night and that got her through the night okay (she was up at 4 am on Friday, poor Chris had to deal with her and then go to work). I wasn't sure what I could take with breastfeeding and I didn't want to make myself too tired last night b/c I figured Grady would be up a lot, which he was (every 2 hours). I finally took 3 Advil's around 3 and that really helped, wish I would have done that sooner. Chris has a sore throat and is now snotty. So nobody is missing this one! Moira seemed better today so hopefully in a day or two the rest of us will as well, since she was the first one to get it.
I signed Moi up for 6 sessions of a "Creative Movement" class at the little dance studio down the street from us. They are supposed to learn the beginning of ballet, tap, jazz and do some tumbling. She always watches the performances of this studio on the 4th Fridays and just loves it. We sometimes bop into the studio and just watch the practices when we are on walks. I wanted to get her in a class or two this summer where she would be away from me so next school year, it wouldn't be so hard on her to be away from me. She was very excited about her class, we picked out new ballet shoes and a ballet outfit, I paid my money for the class. We talked about how I wouldn't be in the class but I would watch her doing it. Well, when we got there, the class wasn't in the room I thought, it was in a closed door room and the teacher didn't even want me walking her in there. She freaked out. Major freak out. (this was also on the first day she was sick and I didn't realize it so that might have been part of the problem). Kept screaming she wanted to go home. The lady who just took our $52 check must have felt bad and told us there was an alternate door where we could watch the class if we were really quiet. We did that. Moi talked about how she might want to go do the things the other girls were doing but when I told the teacher that and the teacher came over she did the "ugh-ugh" and hid behind me. We finally left. I am just not sure what I should do in those situations. One of the other mom's said her little girl did the same thing the first class (all the other little girls had classes before) and she just left her in there screaming until she got over that. I mean, that's what we did at school- but school is 3 hours long. This class is only a 1/2 an hour and 1. I didn't want to ruin it for the other girls and 2. I didn't really trust that this college age girl could handle it. And how is she supposed to teach a class and deal with a hysterical Moira? Plus, Moira WILL hurt herself when she gets hysterical. So I came home and called the parenting help line at the Elizabeth Blackwell Center (the women's center in town) b/c I needed an expert opinion since this is something that is an ongoing issue for us. I told her how Moi really has severe adult/stranger anxiety and I just don't know what I am supposed to do. The lady, who was the facilitator at the new mom's group that I used to go to, was very helpful. Basically it all boils down to trying to prepare them as best as possible for a new situation when a child is an introvert, like Moira is. It was bad b/c I didn't tell her I wasn't going in with her (I didn't realize that I couldn't). Her brain needed time to process that and it totally freaked her out. She agreed that if you don't trust the teacher to deal with it, you shouldn't "throw them into the fire" b/c that could end up worse in the end. She also said something that made me feel better. She said they have done studies and kids that are introverts have more communication going on between their right brain and their left brain and they are hesitant to new people b/c their brain is busy communicating between sides. She gave me some tools to make it better like going to the library and getting books about characters that have to acclimate to new situations b/c kids this age are incapable of teaching themselves how to deal with things that make them uncomfortable, but they can learn from modeling on stories and characters. She said lots more stuff, but I think those are the highlights. We'll see how it goes this week! She said not to keep trying b/c then she will think that it WAS a scary place and she was right to be afraid.
Grady was sleeping well again until this sickness set in. We had 2 or 3 good nights of 8 hours.
Grady decidee this week that he doesn't like formula. I want him to take formula if offered just b/c I have like zero frozen supply and I don't want to have to stress if I am going to be gone for awhile. He eats very frequently and a lot during the day. Plus, my parents offered to watch him for the entire day so Chris and I can take Moira to Kings Island and there is talk of Chris and I leaving the kids overnight with his parents next month so we can go out for our 10 year anniversary (which we were coincidentally invited to a wedding on that same day). I will do my best to pump and store, but it would be nice not to have exclusive breast milk during those times so I don't have to worry if they run out. Plus, you are supposed to mix milk of some sort with the cereal and that will be starting soon, and I don't want to waste precious breast milk on that. It seems like for the first month or two they only eat very little and spit most of it out. The good news is, I did get him to take a few ounces of Soy formula today. I had a sample can that the formula company sent me. Also, we tried spoon feeding the leftovers with baby applesauce this afternoon. Just a tiny tiny amount. He liked it after he figured out what he was supposed to do with it!

On a good note, Chris was off all weekend for the first time in like 2 months. What a difference two weekend days make compared to one. We can actually get some stuff done AND have some fun! Chris took Moi to ride the rides at the zoo (that darn Jungle Jack's landing with the rides- Moi loves it, we'll probably never see another animal again) and they had a blast. She is finally 40" (which she attibutes to eating lots of carrots) so she can do the "big kid" rides as long as Chris goes with her.

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