Monday, June 1, 2009


We did a little photo shoot out back this weekend. It was very impromptu. I am so happy with how the pics turned out!

Moira's new favorite thing is talking about America's birthday on the swing set. She could do it constantly. There are only so many things I can think of to say about it. All she really wants to hear about is how we are going to make a flag cake and go to see the fireworks. She says "tell me about the cake" and "tell me about the fireworks" over and over. It's kind of funny. I could go on and on, but I am getting exhausted just thinking about it.

Something Moira did the other day I thought was creative, yet lazy: She wanted me to help her look for her favorite shirt. She kept saying "find my shirt" over and over. I told her that it was HER shirt and HER responsibility to look for it and keep track of it. She said "well, I'm pretending like you are my twin, so you are Moira too, so help me find my shirt!"

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