Friday, May 29, 2009

Some people think Grady looks like Pop, so I got a picture side by side for comparison.

It's 8:30 am and both kids are sleeping so I have a minute to blog before somebody gets up. Grady has already been up twice, but he is back down for his nap.

Yesterday I went to pick out some pants to go with the fireworks shirt that Moira got as a hand me down from cousin Maren that she is "never taking off". I picked some pink pants and Moira said "Mommy, that doesn't match, but thank you for trying".

Moira has an irrational fear of bug. Well, she did get stung by bees 3 times last summer, so maybe it isn't completely irrationall, but it is ridiculous. I think a fly landed on her yesterday at playgroup and she flung herself onto her front off the swing and was screaming and crying hysterically, like she couldn't even talk. The other moms thought another kid had pushed or hit her or something and I explained that she just saw a bug. Patty told me to tell her that the bugs that land on you don't bite and are nice and to make up a special "bug spray" bottle with water and a little bit of off that she can spray herself. She seems excited about that.
Grady is really into grabbing his toes and sucking on his fingers. He can also take his Mam out of his mouth and hold it. He's trying to get it back in, but most of the time ends up tossing it all over the place.
Well, I have more, but Grady is up....

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  1. I think he looks like John...but also see my brother Peter in there too....