Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moira and Daniela on her teeter totter.

I've had a headache for about 6 days now. It is different than my usual headaches that are related to the weather. This one is like a dull ache, but painful. It feels like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat the day before or I ran into a pole or something. Go away! Tylenol and Excedrin have not been helping. Anywho...
Not much new here. Just doing our thing. Moira has started reporting her dreams to me in the morning. This is cute to me b/c I am a big dream person. Mine are very vivid and I always feel the need to share them in the morning. When I used to have an office job whoever sat next to me in the morning got the pleasure of hearing my dreams from the night before. Moira's dreams seem to revolve around articles of clothing so far. She always tells me what she was wearing or frequently she is going shopping in her dreams. That's my girl.

Grady continues to be an awesome baby. His new trick is grabbing his feet. We got out Moira's old toys and his new toys this weekend b/c he has started checking them out. He's not really doing anything with them yet, but he does seem to be checking them out. Also cute- when I pick him up, he tucks his head into the nape of my neck and snuggles with me. And he always has a smile to return whenever you give him a smile. Not just me either, pretty much anybody.
We got the outside of our house painted. They finished up today. Looks pretty spiffy.

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  1. wow - grady just gets cuter and cuter by the day. He's becoming so much more "little boy like" - his features, his personality - i love it! And...those comparison shots! how amazing! I love doing comparison things - I try to do my baby photos with Daly's at the same age...wish I had scott's to see, but his mom sucked with his baby photos so we don't have any to look at! ha ha!
    Grady and Moira look soooo much alike meg...it's amazing. i agree with the eye shape, etc. but I bet we will see the g man looking more and more like his big sis every day!
    I'm so sorry about your head - do you have allergies?? the allergens are so high right now - or, it could be the paint at your house...but that was just today maybe?
    so fun that Grady is grabbing his feet, that was so exciting at 3 months! he seems like such a fun baby - easy to handle, easy to be around - SUPER SLEEPER. Ahhhh, ten hours??!! What a dream! We still are getting that over here! ha ha! The napping situation just stinks lately - he's great for the morning nap, but the afternoon one is just always a gamble lately - it's exhausting. Today, he was up from 12:30 to 8. Super.
    Anyhow - loved reading about Moira's last day at school (...i totally would have cried about the cupcakes by the way!) great pictures!!!!!!