Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi guys! It's me! Sorry... been busy over here. Grady is crawling. Really really fast. And boy is he determined! It's funny b/c he's such a happy guy, you don't expect him to be so determined. He is strong too. When he sets his mind on getting something he twists and turns his body and uses his will to get it! It's pretty funny, and a lot of work! He is also really big on putting things in his mouth like most kids are. It's a full time job to keep stuff out of his mouth. It makes me realize how much stuff is on the floor b/c he is very observant and insists on picking up everything and putting it in his mouth. I think I am going to have to teach Moi the hymlic just to keep up! Sheesh. He seems to be a very verbal little guy. He says daddy/doggy (can't tell which) a lot, frequently when daddy/the doggy are near. This is a good thing b/c he is intent on getting on top of the dog, banging on her etc. I usually know when he is giong for the dog b/c I hear this word. Also sounds like he says "tee tee" when he sees the cat.

Moira seems to be maturing a lot. She has been much more accepting of things that she doesn't want to do. I try to give her lot of warnings about things coming up I know she won't like and she doesn't fight me too much on most things. She really is a good good good girl, we are in a good phase right now. She has so much love and kindness. She says "I love you" so many times a day, I can't even count. She tells Grady she loves him a lot too. She is very excited about Christmas and the holidays. She certainly has the Christmas spirit.

Well, I have more, but Grady is up from his nap now. Until we meet again....

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