Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grady 9 month Dr. visit

Grady weighed in at 22 lbs, 1 oz, 30 1/2" long. That's 95% for height, 80% for weight. The Dr. was pleased with everything and said he is "above the curve on every level" with his crawling, amount of teeth, verbal skills, and size. He said to expect molars next, and the other teeth will fill in after that. I think he might be getting them. He's been putting his fingers way back there and chewing on them a lot.
Both kids got the h1n1 vac today. The Ped office had it in stock finally. Moira had to get a shot, not the mist. She was mad about that and freaking out. Perhaps b/c she heard me and the Dr. talking about how weird the govt is being about distributing it. I made some joke about there being a tracking device in it and I think she heard me. She kept punching her arm for like 1/2 an hour saying "get this out of me!". Whoopsie.

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