Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grady's 12 month well visit

Grady had his 12 month well visit. He is 24 lbs 13 oz which is 80% for weight and 31 1/2" long, which is 85% for height. The Dr. said 1-3 words is the normal and he has- ought oh, ball, kitty, doggy, kodos, da da, ma ma, sissy, ducky, piggy, book, cookie, hi, backwards (said ak-ers), so we are good there. He is walking fully, even if, as the Dr. says, he looks like he just finished riding a horse. His ears are still clear. He got 3 shots. That's about all!

Here are some pics from their music class. Grady is quite a handful. We started this class with Moira when she was 14 months old. He is 12. He is way into where the egg shakers go and insistant upon getting into them when he isn't supposed to, trying to pull down the tablecloth that is under the stereo system, eating all the instruments. Moira never did any of that. I have a hard time believing it's just the 2 months of difference.... But he is a very good boy.

Moira is such a sweet girl. She is telling me all day how much she loves me, how she loves Grady, etc. I am very lucky mama to have 2 such great kids!

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  1. HA! At first, I was thinking "what kind of doctor do you see? A guitar?! Sign us up!"

    Then I figured it out. :)

    You ARE lucky--such sweet kiddos you have. And they're lucky too. You're a good mama ♥