Sunday, February 14, 2010

**** note**** photos are taking forever, I will try again tomorrow.
We went to Florida! It was good, nice weather, lots of fun stuff to do. Moira was good, she got her own room with a king size bed and a dvd player. Grady was recovering from croup and ear infection so we had a few rough nights and lots of early morning (6 am or earlier) so it wasn't overly relaxing but still nice to get away. He really took off with his walking over the week, he is not 95% walking, only crawls when he is hesitant about something. He loved the ocean, wanted to be IN the ocean, so that was also not relaxing. Moira and dad swam a lot. Grady didn't really like to be held in the pool, wanted to do it himself, which didn't really work. He was pretty good on the plane. Moira was awesome on the plane! I took about 650 pics, but as we all know my blogger is horribly slow so that's why I don't ever blog anymore. But here are a few of the best!
Not much else new here. The kids both have colds. Again. When is it spring??? Chirs has been working a lot, he finally got a weekend off. We went to a hotel for the night for valentines day. Thanks to grandparents Russell for babysitting!
Moi has been asking a lot of questions about God. I guess they talk about it a lot at school. One of my favories "Is God Real? If he is, why doesn't he come to our house for dinner?" and in the car out of nowhere "who made God?" Also today she said "YOu are the best mommy ever, I am going to tell God! Can he always hear me?" I said yes. She said "GOD! MOMMY IS THE BEST MOMMY EVER!" She also said "I love you. I'd love you more though if you let me do anything that I want. Did you hear me?"

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