Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally getting outside!

St. Patty's day green

We are finally getting outside! Although today snow, so weird!

Moira is really getting into Grady lately. They play pretend, although he doesn't know it... She said the other day "Mommy, I really love him, can we keep him?" She also said she wants to marry him so they'll never be apart! I told her so sweet but she can't marry her brother. She said "how about I marry you and we go to the shopping mall all day and Grady marries daddy and they sit at home and watch NASCAR?" Not a bad plan! She also said funny the other day "It's easy to tell that I am a girl b/c I have long hair, but it's more tricky to tell if I have a penis or not". True... very true....

Grady is talking a lot. New words are popsicles, duck, juice, chair, ow, some others, I forget. He said his first sentence- "there's a kitty!" He walks around going "tickle tickle tickle" and loves tickles and hugs. He is switched from formula to milk but he won't take it out of a sippy. I've tried them all. Shrug.

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