Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So cute!

Moi and I were outside today and I noticed these chalk drawings on the trampoline cover. I asked her what they were. She and Chris had been outside the night before doing smoke bombs (one of their favorite things, I got some on clearance at Meijer this week, but that will be the last of the fireworks now!). She said the top one is her and daddy happy b/c they are at a county fair, and she drew hearts b/c hearts mean love. The other one is her and daddy and a crazy roller coaster. The roller coaster drawing made me laugh! It does look like a roller coaster, the big hill and then all scrambled around at the end.
Moi and I were sitting on the trampoline today eating veggie chips and drinking ice water and she said "Mommy, this sure is the spice of life, isn't it?" Yes, Yes it is my girl.
Grady rolled over all the way today from his back to his belly. I put his pacifier just out of reach of his mouth and he had to come fetch it!

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