Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guess what Grady is doing in this picture....

Moi in the princess set she found. She did not want to pose!

My smiley guy

"I'm looking at you!"

Moira has informed me that she is "too special" for me to take her picture anymore. She found a pricess dress set in the closet today. It was supposed to be for Christmas, but she already had so much, I decided to keep it for another time. Well, she found it. She is so smart- I told her that Santa left it there for her. She said "Did Mommy & Daddy get this and you are just saying it's from Santa?" The jig is already up! But it was good timing b/c she has been REALLY into dress up lately. REALLY REALLY REALLY into it. She and her playgroup friends just try on clothes the entire playgroup it seems. At home, she'll go upstairs and just get her dresses down from the closet and try them on. I need to just put them all in a laundry basket in the bottom of the closet, b/c she takes a stool and pulls them down and breaks the hangers.
Moira was the "spotlight girl" today at school. They just take turns each week. I filled out a little paper with her picture on it about the things she likes to do, and they talked about her in the "spotlight". She must have mentioned it 100 times since she got back from school. My girl likes attention.

Grady is such a sweetie. He sat in his bouncy seat smiling at me for 45 minutes while I folded laundry when Moi was at school Tuesday. Then when we went to pic her up he was looking around at all people and smiling at them. Tonight he was clearly tired at 7:30, so I put him to bed, presumably for the night. He wouldn't stay asleep in his crib (this is turning into a problem) so I got him up and he just layed on a pillow on my lap smiling. It's funny too b/c I say "hi! hi!" and smile at him and it looks like he is saying "hi" back. He mouths it. And he says "goo goo". I know all babies do this, but it just melts my heart. He really is a sweet little guy. Also, I've never seen a kid who likes a diaper change as much as this one. He just lays there, even if he'd been throwing a fit before, like "oh yeah, wipe my butt, it feels so good". He is happy as a clam. I think he likes looking around and getting the gas drops.

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