Sunday, April 19, 2009


Grady has done great the last few nights. He's gone down to bed at 8:30 and slept 7 hours and then right back to bed after eating. His naps are shorts, unless we are driving in the car.He usually only naps half hour to an hour. But I will take it for a good night. He usually naps 4 times a day. He's been just kind of getting tired and falling asleep in my arms or even in the bouncy seat and I put him down and he is quiet and goes right to sleep. How nice!!! I certainly hope he keeps this up. We are actually in the "eat, play, sleep" mode that all the books say to do, but I was never able to do with Moira. He doesn't nurse to sleep at all. He doesn't even really need a pacifier most of the time. He does like the pacifier though. He will suck on any kind, he doesn't care. I had him on the Mam brand in the beginning, but he was biting me, so I switched to the nuk. When Nana was here the other day, she put a Mam in him from the shelf, and he took it for a lot longer than the Nuk brand. I always wanted him to have the Mam more b/c it is symmetrically, so when he gets to the age he can put it back in himself, it will be easier. Plus, it doesn't have a hook at the end, it has a knob. He also takes the bottle fine, even though he only gets about 2 a week on the weekends. Chris was commenting yesterday that he was able to keep him occupied and happy for an hour while I rode the exercise bike, etc. A few weeks ago, that wouldn't have happened. Hopefully his days of being "Mr. Malcontent" are over, but I know how jinxes work... so I won't say that... Let's just say, we've had a good week, Gradywise.
Maybe Grady has been so good b/c he knows Moira has been soooo sick and we can only take so much. Poor girl. She now has a horrible cough and runny nose. All last week after the initial day where she didn't leave the house literally all day (minus the Dr. apt), she started out the morning much better than we ended the day. It figures b/c I was just thinking to myself how she hadn't been sick for a long time, since Christmas, which was pretty good considering this is her first year of preschool. Also I was thinking that the weather is nice so we should be past most of the yucky illness time. Wrong! I remembered later that last year it was around this time when she got sick b/c we had to miss Allie's birthday party (Allie's birthday is next week). She missed her good friend Davis's birthday party yesterday at Magic Mountain Fun Center, which I hear was a blast, so I am super sad about that. Fortunately Moira doesn't know she missed it or she would be very upset as well.
We found the magic substance to hide her cough medicine in- YOO-HOO, so that is good. She had been refusing to take it, but she does so much better when we get a dose in her.

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